The World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium invites papers or articles for the 2011 edition of the WINHEC Journal.

The WINHEC Journal is a publication dedicated to the exploration and advancement of issues related to Indigenous education, research, culture and language central to the lives of WINHEC nations and members.

The 2011 edition will be published and launched, in printed and online form, during the August 2011meeting of WINHEC. The theme of this edition is to be: Indigenous Research: Elders and Knowledgeable Others in Higher Education.

Indigenous Elders and Knowledgeable Others are the knowledge guides of our societies entrusted to hold and ensure the passage of such knowledge aligns with cultural protocols and, that which is fundamental to the integrity of a cultural framework and worldview. The centrality of these individuals to the continuation of Indigenous societies and their knowledge is therefore critical. Notably, the centrality of Elders or Knowledgeable Others has not always been respected within the academy nor have there been mechanisms for their inclusion or the inclusion of their knowledge in its work. Therefore, it is important that Indigenous people articulate on such key matters in academia including the research field to ensure the scholarship of Indigenous knowledge is firmly establish within our positions and within the western academy. Articles of up to 6000 words are due by May 1, 2011.

Guidelines for development and submission of articles are outlined in this document. For more information, please contact:

Professor Veronica Arbon
Chair of Indigenous Knowledge System
Institute of Koorie Education
Deakin University

WINHEC Journal, 2011
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